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Our most POTULAR item is the Pugly Pot. With its chalkboard rim, it is so easy to personalize your gift or hip heirloom. And- no need for a card!! If the pot is for you, write the name of your favorite plant on the pot: Name it Henry, Herb, or How 'bout some H20!? Either way, it's fun and playful. Since our inventory varies, we categorize size by Papa, Mama or Puppy. Individual pots that are offered will have specific measurements. Order yours now as our Fugly2Pugly pots are very POTULAR and go quickly. 



Our newest addition to our Pugly Pot collection, The Pugly Tea Pot! Warning: hurry to give a plant a home quick or someone may drink out of it!  Cheeky and fun, each Pugly Tea Pot is special, from its saucer and silverware to its uniquely precious plant holder.

Delft blues with emerald green accents, gold & cream saucer.

Price: $35.00



varying colors

Baby sister to the Pugly Tea Pot. Like an espresso cup! Darling for your kitchen window sill. Of course a perfect gift, to personalize with the chalkboard rim, too.

Price: $15.00


Purply  Pot 

We deemed this a Mama sized pot. With its pretty purple dominate color, we can image it with pansies, violets or just dirt....Created especially for you black thumbers! 

Price: $20.00

PUGLY POT with saucer (attached)

Pugly sized pots are cute as a button... meaning they are the small ones! These pots are perfect for herbs on your kitchen windowsill. They are super convenient to denote the name of the herb, so you don't add basil when you needed parsley.... yikes! They make a great hostess gift, too. Add plant or simply chalk.... Cheers, Bravo, or Goodluck!

Price: $25.00